HARTING Connectors in Foil Production

Faultless Connections in Foil Production

Biaxally oriented film die. Cloeren Inc., Orange (TX), USA

Cloeren Incorporated is the world leader in extrusion die technology.

The company‘s commitment to innovation began with the introduction of its first patented feed block in 1975. Since then, the number of patents issued to Cloeren stands unsurpassed by any competitor. And, today, more processors buy Cloeren dies than any other brand.

Cloeren sets the standard in die design technology and know-how. Dies must meet exacting requirements, without strictly limiting the processor‘s operating window. Accomplishing this requires a comprehensive understanding of polymer and fluid behavior, rheological science, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and thermal dynamics, as well as in-depth process knowledge. Cloeren brings all these disciplines in one package.

HARTING connectors are utilized by Cloeren to connect sensors and heaters within “zones” of the manifold dies. Han E® connectors within 32 B and 48 B hoods provide connectivity to sensors while connectors of the Han DD® range provide connectivity to the heaters. Depending on the flatness and/or thickness of the product sheet flowing through the die, the connectors provide a feedback loop to adjust the die opening for optimal control. In addition to providing a sound connection to the components of the manifold die, HARTING connectors also provide quick installation and change out for Cloeren’s key customers.