HARAX®-Rapid Termination Technology for Sensor / Actuator Boxes

The proven HARAX® insulation displacement connector technology simplifies the connection of sensors and actuators.

automatic assembly machine with HARAX® compact modul for AS-Interface. SIM Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Heiligenstadt, Germany

Additional connectors are no longer necessary. Sensors can be installed “on site". Special tools for stripping the wire or for assembling the HARAX®-components are not required. This allows standard stock sensor types with fixed cable lengths to be customised in the field. The problem of unwanted cable loops is eliminated. Furthermore this technique saves time and money. The components can be reused several times. The high requirements of IP 67 protection are fulfilled. In addition to passive sensor-/actuator-boxes, also available are compact modules for AS-Interface with 8 HARAX® terminals.