06. březen 2007

Gigabit Ethernet Switch sCon 3100-AA

Gigabit Ethernet Switch sCon 3100-AA

The Flexible Data Communication

The sCon 3100-AA Gigabit Ethernet Switch can network up to 8 Fast Ethernet and 2 Gigabit end devices together. The 2 Gigabit uplink ports and the sCon functionality allow flexible data communication from 10MBit/s over 100 MBit/s up to 1000 MBit/s over ports 9 and 10. This Gigabit option allows the full bandwidth in an application to be raised and utilised.
All switch ports can be individually configured by using the sCon Managers software. The 2 Gigabit ports as well as the 8 Standard fast Ethernet ports signal the three data rates to the user through different coloured LEDs. The user can thus recognise the current configuration optically.
Confusing the port types is ruled out as the Gigabit ports are rotated with respect to the other ports.
The user can manage the complete range of functions of the switch with the sCon Manager from version 1.2 onwards.

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